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We'll need: Wires - YarnArt Begonia 169m / 50g (the cost of the hat itself - 1 roll) hooks - №2,1 and №2,5. abbreviations: VP - Air Circuit SS - connecting column sc - bar without nakida CH - bar with nakida C2 - bar with 2 nakida C3H - bar with 3 nakida As a basis we take here this shemku here, but in the knitting process will make its own changes. The limit for exhaust gas is obtained 48-50 cm.

Notes: Each line begins with a ce 4-3 rounds of rise and a ce 1 for the arches. Standard Test Sam hats vyvyazyvayut in the form of so-called "ticks" - 2CH, separated by a VP arches on the previous line. Expansion to lower right diameter expense occurs uniformly adding 6 "ticks" in each row. To the corners of increases in areas not sharply distinguished in every gain made by the next offset by half compared to the previous line segment. So, 4 ce closable in the ring. 1p. - 4 CP (3 loops rise, and vice president of the arches), 11 CH. 2p. - In each of the arcs of the previous line provyazyvaem separated by one CH 2 c 1 12 turns the call "Ticks". 3p. - Start making pribavki- "tick". In each subsequent series of such increases is six. The essence of this is to gain more provyazyvaniya "tick" from the previous row between the arches.

4p. - Makes 6 pribavok- "ticks" every third "tick" of the previous line. 5p. - Makes 6 pribavok- "ticks" all four "tick" of the previous line. 6p. - Knit without inc. Each mesh arcs previous line 2 CH separated by a ce 7p. - Makes 6 pribavok- "ticks" every 5 "tics" of the previous line.

8p. - Knit without inc. The bottom starts a bit to wrap. 9p. - Makes 6 pribavok- "ticks" every 6 "tics" of the previous line. In this regard, and further increments until the desired depth of knit hats without them. With the number pi I'm friends rather relative, I came bottom of a 13 cm. Series I got 26 from the start knitting hats and height fields up to 17 cm.

For fields provyazyvaem 2 sc lines. In the second row make allowances in each of the five column. The next line in each row of the previous column vershinku provyazyvaem alternately embossed column 1 and 1 CH. So crochet №2,1 provyazyvaem three rows of fields. So I was addicted to №2,5 provyazyvaem and another series 2. The photograph shows that the fields are perpendicular to the cap itself from the first line provyazyvaniya. Last number provyazyvaem Rachim step hook № 2,1. In the last photo I showed looks like a seam. Hat ready!

Hello girls, I hope you all are excelent. CROCHET DESIGNS FREE found these gorgeous models crochet hat child. I loved so much that decide to share with our friends. The ue you found, like it? if they liked as I am free to share. Love in the heart and a great weekend. Marcia, CROCHET DESIGNS FREE

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