sexta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2015

Zen crochet dress for the weekend. Beautiful, Share. Kisses.

Clothing in zen crochet for the weekend. accessories croche

The crochet gained some tissue and salmon color is all ready to walk, who does not want to stay zen for a few hours?


 Size 42/44 Material Pingouin Tropfil: 2 balls aquarelle (243); g. to crochet Pingouin 2; for the skirt fabric, the yarn color and the desired length. Employees points Little chain (corr.). Slip stitch (p.bxmo.): Enter the ag .; Lace .; pulling p. and pass it directly at p. ag .. low point (bp): Enter the ag. Lace .; pulling p. and other Lace. rem. all p .. High point (per annum): Lace .; enter the ag. Lace .; pull pp .; Lace. rem. 2 p. and other Lace. rem. all p .. bustier: follow the chart. Reason: follow the chart. Highlight Network: follow the chart. Tip: follow the chart. Arrangement drawing: follow the chart. Sample - A square of 10 cm per annum with ag. 2 = 30 wt. x 14 carr. Achievement Bustier - Make a corr. 54 p. 3 more corr. to turn around and work on pa following the chart. Make two equal sides. Sew the two parts of the bustier each other on the back. Make 2 carr. per annum of the net in front of the bustier. Handles - Make a corr. 30 cm from the front of bustiê (tip) to turn away from the seam 6 cm, and then make a carr. in pa network. Do all around the bustier and cavas including the handles one carr. the nozzle following the graph. Joining of the front bustiê 3 cm from the nozzle during application. Making 24 reasons following the graphic, uniting them with each other and bustier over the last carr. following the mounting template. After the blouse, making the skirt and sew blouse.

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