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How to make crochet dress riplle point zig zag-Pattern

See how to make crochet different point called (riplle or zig zag) with a pattern, tutorial and step-by-step.

The famous crochet dress for some time already occupied the wardrobes of women, a piece that was forgotten for a time returned with full force to the walkways and also social parties. And can be used in any temperature or low station, depending on the country in which you find yourself, a piece can not be fit better. So, if you do not already have the template in the closet, it's time to put the needles to move around or chasing a.

Let's make a beautiful dress with crochet with riplle point by following the tutorial and step-by-step and also graphs that will help us.
If your knitting needles are forgotten in the corner, it is time to suspend the retiree of items, buy online and be based on the models that range from plus size pieces, long, short and with different types of sleeves and necklines. The graphics help in time to follow the point used in the template, and with a lot of inspiration to up and up, to create a unique piece, after all with creativity to create beautiful versions. Let's make the dress crochet riplle point. Follow the video tutorial and pattern. Hands to work.



• Line (Nov 500 m.): 2 November. in each of the 01,368 color (blue), 00187 (green)
00368 (brown) and 0000B (white).
• Ag. For steel crochet plated chain Milward 1.25 mm.
Abbreviations and used points: p. - Score; g. - needle; in November - Ball; carr. - Career; j. - Together;
rep. - Repetition; arrem. - Cast off; Work. - Work; b.p. - low point; p.bx. - extremely low point;
corr. - Little chain; per annum - high point; PICO - 3 corr. 1 and p.bx. the 1st of these corr .; P. fantasy: follow
the diagrams and explanations below; finishing nozzles - following the respective diagram.
stripes sequence: 3 carr. Green, 2 carr. blue, 1 carr. brown, 2 carr. blue, 1 carr. brown,
1 carr. green; 1 carr. of b.p. in blue; 1 carr. green, 3 carr. brown, 3 carr. blank, 3 carr. in
Green, 2 carr. blue, 1 carr. brown, 2 carr. blue, 1 carr. brown, 1 carr. green; 1 carr. of b.p.
in blue; 1 carr. green, 3 carr. brown, 3 carr. blank, 3 carr. Green, 2 carr. blue, 1 carr. in
brown, 2 carr. blue, 1 carr. brown, 1 carr. Green, 1 carr. blue, 1 carr. green, 3 carr. in
brown, * 3 carr. blank, 3 carr. Green, 2 carr. blue, 1 carr. brown, 1 carr. blue, 1 carr. in
of b.p. in blue.


Note - the gown is Job. from top to bottom in p. fantasy and following up stripes.
Pala:. With the green line, mount 180 corr, close circle with 1 p.bx. and following diagram
P. fantasy (to increase). Trab. increasing as follows: 3 times in ref. of carr., 1 rep. Carr. without
increase and then another 1 rep. Carr. to increase. Follow without increases. In the 20th carr. from the start
(= 2nd carr. Green), mark the change in carr. as the center of one shoulder. Separate work
as follows, starting with the change carr .: 2.5 rep. half of the sleeve 5 ref. to the back,
5 rep. to 1 mango, 5 rep. forward and 2.5 ref. complete the remaining

first leg.
Back and front: below the 10 rep. back and fronts in carr. circular. Run 2 rep. Carr. with
increase and go straight. From the 36th carr. from the beginning, back to Job. the reps. Carr. and * 1 rep. with
increase 1 rep. * without increased by 4 times.
Sleeve: Work. the sleeve in carr. Circular: go straight for 15 carr. (Approx. 9 cm) and then perform p. fantasy
with increases. When you reach the * following colors Work. 2 more carr. the blank as indicated p.a.
The p in the diagram. fantasy with increases and arrem. 1 with carr. of b.p. in blank.

Around all around the neckline with 3 carr. the white trim nozzles running total
20 rep., following the pattern from the nozzles.
Tip: Be sure to follow the action of the play while working. If necessary, make more or less
increases depending on the point of each voltage artisan. Take this suggestion and create your own look
colors with a wide range of colors offered by online Camila Fashion. For larger sizes, just start
with more reason the neckline and adjust the height as you like

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