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crochet in Table path with standard

Made with hand crochet towels for women also who like to do their own tablecloths made by hand with regular tables, benches and knit top of the dining table. This tablecloth building a model chosen from the examples I wanted to share with you.

What would you say to such a beautiful towel income for her dowry, is not it? This example is made with crochet like a lady. And how do they want from me. I added them to the construction site not break. I hope you enjoy and share whatever they want on my blog. formal tablecloth will be enough to study photography for construction.

God bless and good crochet.

Table runner


  colors (pink), 9368 (yellow), 9059 (orange), 9563 (purple), 9172 (blue) and 9202 (red).

Color: 9462 (green) and 8001 (white)

Crochet needle 2mm.


Motif in white (24x): Do 5 little chains, close circle with a 1p. bxmo. And then the graph 01.

Motives Design (11x) Do 5 little chains, close circle with 1 p.bxmo. And then the graph 02.

Motives Design (11x) Do 5 little chains, close circle with a 1 p.bxmo. and follow the graph 03.

Sheet (42x) with the green wire, make 11 little chains and follow the graph 04.


Preach the flowers made following the chart 03 on top of the circles, following the chart 02. Joining the flowers and leaves following the installation diagram and photo.

Type: Rail

Good Crochet

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