domingo, 16 de agosto de 2015


Yokel blouse - Size 40/44 Material Pingouin Fiocel: 4 banana balls (784); g. to crochet Pingouin 3; 4 buttons. Employees points Little chain (corr.) Low point:. Enter the ag .; Lace .; Pull the p., and other Lace. rem. all high p.Ponto: Lace .; enter the ag .; Lace .; pull pp .; Lace .; rem. 2 p. And other Lace. rem. all p .. Fantasy point: follow the gráfico.Barrado: follow the chart. Tip: follow the gráfico.Motivo: follow the chart. Sample - A 10 cm square at p. fancy in ag. # 3 = 22 p. x 14 carr. Achievement Back - Make a motive following the chart and let waiting. Make a race. 80 wt. 3 more corr. to turn around and work on p. fantasy following the chart (= 20 fans). A 20 cm from the start, fail to make the 7 core fans and work each side separately. While working side to the union's central motif following the gráfico.Ao same time to 24 cm start to armhole fail to make on each side in each carr .: 3 p. (3 v.) And 2 p .. A 42 cm from the start, stop. Right front - Make a corr. 44 p. 3 more corr. to turn around and work on p.fantasia (= 11 fans). A 24 cm from the beginning, to the left armhole and back. A 26 cm from the beginning, for neck fail to do right in each carr .: 9 p .; 3 w (2 v..); 2 p. and 1 p .. A 42 cm from the start, stop. Left front - even work right front backwards. Sleeves - Make a corr. 64 p. 3 more corr. to turn around and work on p. fantasy (= 16 fans) .Aum. each side of each p .: 1 5 carr. (8 v.). A 34 cm from the start, to stop making digs on each side in each carr .: 2 p. (10 v.). A 46 cm from the start, stop. Arming Sew shoulder seams. Assemble the mangas.Fechar sides and sleeves. Make a round neckline, along the fronts and bottom of the jacket 1carr. the nozzle following the gráfico.Fazer all around the wrists barred following the chart. Sew buttons on the right front and buttoning between p. left front. Jacket crochet. Girls kisses. I hope you enjoy.

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