quarta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2015

My friends ue cuddly crochet bonnet. I loved. share. kisses

"You can not leave without crochet hat," Girls crochet hat that I found wonderful beautiful.   Choose a beautiful crochet yarn, pick up a hook and a couple of evenings sitting watching TV without effort and we will do crochet. Love in the heart of all and get to work. Stay with God.

However, the Caps strife: look at this gorgeous collection. Here hats decorated with intricate ornaments and patterns on panamkah blooming marvelous flowers, crocheted. You can not just cover the head, but also pomodnichat! Here, not only the cap, but also the scheme of knitting. As well as step by step photo workshops. Plus scheme Knitting crochet flowers. And how to decorate and decorate hats, you know, too!

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