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Recipe for a beautiful crocheted dress quite versátil.Eu loved it and you? Share. Good weekend

Good, rolling my old magazines I came across a few basic recipes in crochet, that never go out of fashion. So I'd love to have one, and you like it? If you like to dress crochet also share with other friends. Everyone stay with God and good weekend. Good crochet work.

Material · 

Clea wire (ball with 1000 m) Circle · 7 skeins in beige (7684) · Needle Crochet Circle # 1 (2.0 mm). Size: 36/38 Used points and abbreviations · Point (p.) · Little chain (corr.) · Very low point (p.bx.) · Low point (bp) · High water (per annum) · Peak (3 little chains, 1 point very low roping the 1st little chain)

How to crochet dress:

Front and back

· Start at the bar. Do 221 little chains, one slip stitch lacing the 1st little chain to close the ring and work around the following diagram 1. Repeat 2nd career four times and the 3rd, 4th and 5th row 12 times each.
· A 45 cm in length, leave to work on 2 cm and work following the diagram in 1 round-trip careers.
· A 50 cm long, change to the diagram 2. After completing the 4th career finish.
· For the left side of the blade, work over 13 cm accompanying diagram 3. 9 cm long start the formation of the neck as indicated in the mold.
· A 71 cm long tailpiece. Work the right side of the flap in the same way.
· To the back, leave 4cm for armhole and work about 32 cm accompanying diagram 3. A 71 cm long finish.
· During the making of the last row, hold the shoulders of fronts right and left with 1 point down on the little chain from the middle of each arc of little chains fantasy point.

Sleeves (crochet dress)

· Work around each cava accompanying diagram 3. A 5 cm long work finishing the accompanying diagram 7. After completing the 2nd career finish.

Finishing and assembly (crochet dress)

· Attach the wire opening in the front and work following the 4th career diagram 4.
· Attach the wire at the neckline and work the collar accompanying diagram 4. After completing the 4th career finish.
· Work with a career lows bypassing the opening of the front and collar.
· Attach the wire in the bar and work around the following diagram 5, work 2 reasons. After completing the 19th career finish.
· Work finishes accompanying diagram 6 on the right and left fronts between the 1st and 2nd row of the diagram 2 and between the 3rd and 4th career.

Sample: square of 5 x 5 cm (needles crochet 1) x 5 = 12 points measured on the high points rows.


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