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Decoration pattern with crochet towel.

A real charm. See this gorgeous crochet scarf for you or give the person you love, is not it beautiful? This free crochet design is simple and delicious to make, and the colors you choose. Especially when it completes the design. It was not as wonderful decoration in crochet? Follows the pattern if you want to share will all rights projects found here. The Internet has been a blessing, because we always find what you need right? God be with good and crochet. See the following project:

"Flirting with the red" Free crochet napkins.
napkins Round crochet to decorate our house and makes it warm and more beautiful. "Flirting with the red", the diameter of 26 cm napkin, put it Para Cotton yarn OUT (380 m / '50.), White AND VERY LITTLE Red wire (200 m / '50.), Crochet № 1 -. 1 and 25 № 1.5 to 1.75.

We will carry out the project:
Hook number 1-1.25 link First-time one White A Line Chain 9 abstentions. n. zamknёm and His ring of 1 tablet. Art.
Knife 1 abstentions. n. instead of Raising First item. b / n, THEN Make Another 21 Art. b / N in the ring, completing the circular p. 1 comp. Art. Air. n. Elevation. Under the regime continue to work there, Each circular line starting with the number of abstentions. n. Suitable lifting There Scheme. If NO to Required, then by Sample Medium. Art. Go to the Beginning of the Next series of circular.

AFTER Toko, both have graduated From the series 17 of circular crochet, a link chain 1.5-1.75 Numero 9 abstentions. n. one red wire and lock it in hum ring with 1 comp. Art. The We perform Rather Than The 1st item, b / n - 1 abstentions. P. elevator, then another provyazyvaem 13 st. b / N in the ring, completing the p circular. 1 comp. Art. Air. n. Elevation. 2nd circular p. knit white thread About regime About Number ring Red Hook 1-1.25.

The hum We provide full Reason 22 such, and attach them FOR napkin, as shown in the diagram. In THEN FROM series of 18 circular, vyazzhem For all table cloths. Part napkin shown in the diagram, ending circular lines, repeating the relationship. THE numbers indicate as circular lines.
"Flirting with red hum" salfetkaa crochet, scheme:

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