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Summer crochet hat with fields in the open and beautiful knitted bouquet fit well in a summer dress. share ..

Summer crochet hat with fields in the open and beautiful knitted bouquet fit well in a summer dress.

Materials: yarn cream 75 g (100% cotton 175m / 50g), thread Iris: purple 10g, 10g green, the remains of yellow and black. Hook № 1,5 and №2. Description of knitting hats: A hat fit for the popular scheme with a few changes.

cream and crochet №2 recruit a chain of 10 Air. loops, make them in the ring Port. Art. The first series start with a 3-Air. lifting loops and knit in the ring 29, Art. s / n, completing a series of the 3rd Air. lifting loop. Next knit according to the scheme, since each row with 3 Air. and ending with lifting loops comp. Art. Finished 19th row, change a little scheme of knitting knit another 5 rows without additions sirloin grid checkerboard pattern, alternating 4 tbsp. s / n - filled cell and 2 Air. Loop - an empty cell. Thus little deeper hat. After finishing 5th number sirloin grid, tie series 1 Art. b / n and then we continue to knit fishnet field cap scheme starting from the 20th row. Finished hat is necessary starch, pull on the appropriate form and allow to dry. Description crochet flower: Beautiful poppy with large broad petals consists of three parts: the main part - violet petals and yellow stamens and black hearts.

For the petals knitting hook № 1,5 recruit a chain of 8 Air. loops and closes it in the ring Port. column. To start the first row make 1 Air. lifting loop and then knit 16 st. b / N in the ring. Finish the first row comp. Art. and begin the second row where vyvyazyvayut petals completely. We start with a 4-Air. loops rise, * 1 Air. loop Art. c / 2N, repeat 4 times by *. After finishing the last item. C / 2H, 3 vozd.petli do rise and knit 11 st s / n, again 5 Air. loops rise and out of each loop with 2 tablespoons provyazyvaem / 3N, with a total of 22 st / 3N, then 1 Air. loop lift, provyazyvaem 2 rows st. b / n back and forth. Then provyazyvaya comp. Art. on the edge of the petals, begin to go down to the first row, and so continue to knit another 4 petals. Ready petals starch and dry. 

Driving crochet flower:

We collect a chain of 13 Air. Loop + 1 Air. lifting loop and the first row tied it around Article w / n, provyazyvaya ends 3 tablespoons w / n. We start the second row with the 1st Air. loop, then Article w / n in next st, 5 sts rise, with Article 3 / 2N knit together, 5 Air. loop, 1 st w / o, 6 Air. loops with Article 3 / 4N, 6 Air. n., v w / 7 Air. n. 3 PT / 4N, 7 Air. loops, Article w / n, Sports. n., in the final loop of the chain provyazyvaem together with Article 3 / 3N from one loop, 7 Air. loops, then continue in reverse order. In the third and fourth row, tied formed sheet item b / n, with exception of the fourth row on the tops do knit adding 5 Art. b / n from one loop. After finishing a piece, knit a little more leg typing the required number of Air. loops and knit them one next item w / o. 

 Driving a piece of knitting:

Putting a flower, a leaf, a sprig in the final composition, and sew on the hat.

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