sexta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2015


Look how beautiful. I found wonderful crochet swimsuit. I found this very beautiful crochet swimsuit at the graph and this together so we can have fun. Very easy to do. Hands-on, kkk. We who love to crochet is a very tasty dish. If you liked to share. kisses Crochetdesgnsfree

finish Do three carr. of bp around all the panties, bra and her stomach, hitting and leaving straight points. Sew the elastic on the sides of the panties and bra and attach the fabric with spandex forming the lining. Some work better yarns in water than others.The cotton is suitable for bathing. The elastic helps keep clothes in place. The water-resistant materials such as acrylic are also suitable, although some crocheters Achem undesirable texture. Cotton yarn The cotton thread uses natural vegetable fibers which retain their shape when absorbing water. Cotton dries quickly and is easy to care for. He is also a breathable fabric that keeps a good temperature before the sun by the pool or beach. Sometimes he wears as it ages, so be sure to handle it carefully and follow the instructions present in the wire label. Acrylic Yarn Acrylic yarn is usually waterproof and also keeps its shape. Some acrylic yarn brands are undesirable for crocheters because they are very rough, scratch or are very artificial. You may want to sew a lining for the inside of your swimsuit crochet using acrylic yarn. This will keep the piece in place, protecting the most sensitive parts of the material. Elastic Sew the elastic around the openings to keep the crochet swimsuit in place. You can also use a mixture of cotton yarn and elastic fibers. The elastic mixed with cotton yarn helps crocheted bathing part to fit more comfortably in the body. As with any other manufactured swimsuit, elastic material prevents accidentally slip and show the person's body. Elastic Cotton blends generally exhibit more than 90% cotton and about 10% elastic.

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