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 Materials: -

3 Skeins of Baroque (200gr) in color 9900; -
1 Baroque ball (200g) in each of the colors: 9392, 9368, 9563, 9172 and 9427.
-Agulha To crochet circle 4,00mm;
-Agulha Upholstery;
-1m Fabric Circle to the lining of the bag;
-1 Zipper 60 cm;
-Agulha And thread for hand sewing;
-Hot glue;
- 12 metal rivets to secure the handles

Used Points: Legend of the points is used in the graph;
Front and coast out:
Start by making a string with 10 current and from here follow the chart. Note that the number of career thirteen, all points are made / caught behind the preceding paragraphs, it will cause a "flap" is highlighted at work. Front and back are the same. Before sewing the two parts that make up the front and the coast of the work, take part only and straighten it well on a paper and demarcate its border. Use this outline as * mold for making the lining of the bag.
When front and coast are woven sew them with dots by hand, using the same thread used to weave and tapestry needle. Once ahead and coast are united, do 5 low of careers as the top opening of the bag finish.

-Recorte Tissue (2x) * the dimensions of the mold. Sew the sides of the liner. In the upper part of the lining, sew the zipper, 5 cm from the edge. Fold 2 cm from the edge of the liner to the side where the seams, accommodate the lining inside the bag and sew it by hand, quite close to the top opening.
Take a cord with 110 current and from here follow the chart. Make two equal loops. As strengthening handles, line the inside of each with fabric and sew with stitches by hand and normal line sewing. Once the bag is already with the lining sewn, secure the handles on the bag using metal rivets.
Flower arrangement
Following the graphics do: three large flowers, five flowers and socks 5 pairs of leaves. Seat your reasons in the bag as shown in Figure 1 and attach them using hot glue.

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