quarta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2015

A cuteness. HAT "charm" crochet for young fashionistas. I LOVED

Girls Good afternoon. I found this beautiful crocheted hat. I found so beautiful that I wanted to share with you. I hope you enjoy. Free crochet piece. What can be the best decoration for the little fashionista on hot sunny days? Clear beautiful knitted hat! I suggest you connect this wonderful summer accessory with your hands. A kiss on the heart. CROCHET DESIGNS FREE.

Wires Vita Pelican 100% cotton double mercerized, 330m / 50g. Hook №1 and №1,25. In the last number of fields for regilin involved.   Knit hat to follow this regime. In addition, a number of alternative CH with a number of cross bars twice. 3 sc lines. Making the third column allowances for each field, 6 sc lines. Then move to a bigger hook and loop series of cross-CH, some of RLS. Repeat 5 times. Rigelin engage, he tied the Rachim step edge.

. flower . knit circle RLS vyvyazyvayut petals petal mesh as follows: 15VP, to the bottom of RLS. . 1SBN, 2polustolbika, 5SN, 6S2N last 10S2N circuit . When provyazyvaem, tied sc, paving the thin wire So knit two such flower :. in the first nine petals, the second 12. sew them together The mid - direction circle sc beads. On the back - one sc circle, tied with Rachim step.


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