segunda-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2015

Four beautiful Christmas decorations in crochet.

We're getting another commemorative date much appreciated by us who love to crochet at the end of the year: CHRISTMAS. Yes, of course, not only for us but we do crochet around the world, it is a very important date in our calendar, because it is a very important date, the birth of the Lord Jesus. Where it has initiated this Christmas celebration.
And since that time, we worked more correct? I am sharing some beautiful ornaments on free crochet for this Christmas. Now I share only 4 or 5 ideas, but soon will be posting more ornaments to help his inspiration.
We can do many kinds of crochet as: Christmas tree, stockings, wreaths, etc ..
As do not want to dwell too much follows some models in crochet. If they like the ideas feel free to share with other friends of crochet. Have all a Merry Christmas full of health, peace and much happiness with Jesus dwelling in his heart. God bless.

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