terça-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2015

Beautiful towel with flowers on table crochet. Fantastic

Hello crochet girls okay? See this toil towel with crochet chart, made with much joy and especially for Christmas. I thought it would not end and would never end. Ma was worth it because it was so beautiful this towel with crocheted flowers. The supper table will be wonderful is not it? Hope you like. This towel is beautiful, great for decorating the kitchen table or dining room. To manufacture the towel was used Twine Fiore 8/4; raw color. For some time I was looking for a crocheted tablecloth template to do and found this wonderful model and decided to post this models for you. I hope you enjoy and that send me affection. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, lot with peace, joy and health. See more models of towels and other various models. Feel free to browse and share our posts.
  Good crochet.


Good Crochet.

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