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Heart box Crochet to decorate hisChristmas home - With Graphic

I really want to thank the hundreds of global views on my blog. I'm really happy. Girls like Christmas is coming, and we have another idea to decorate your Christmas, it's beautiful and easy. Crochet box in heart to decorate and graphic. We have points in crochet and free projects for those who like to be creative !! Hope you like. I want you to feel free to share the projects Croche my blog with whomever you choose. Kiss on heart and good crochet. Free crochet projects


carr. - career
per annum - high point
bp - Low

You will start box by first doing the background, starting from the bottom of the heart, with

1st row: 4 ch, 2 per annum in the 1st race..

Then follow the chart, making the increases indicated the 2nd until the 12th career.

Now continue to the 17th carr. making only the left side of the heart as indicated in the graph. These careers you will make reductions as shown in the chart. In the end, cut the line. (indicated by the black arrow)

Now hold the line in the last tr on the right side of the heart (indicated by a white arrow). Follow the chart to complete the other side of the case back, also with reductions.

Now make a bp career shown in the graph. Is ready the bottom of the box.

The side you start on the last row of dc the background. You will make a career in bp grabbing the handles back.

This career onwards follow the chart to complete the 8 rows of the side of the box.

After hardening crochet, garnish the edge as you prefer.

This is the chart:

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