quarta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2015

Christmas decoration Santa crochet with Step by step. Beautiful

Hello girls! It's all right. The Christmas is coming and we were looking for decorations, ornaments to leave our beautiful and well decorated home. Today I brought a PAP Dad I usually do. è fast and simple. Line with a pinkish hue and 1.25 mm needle, make 7 little chains and close ring. Do inside this ring, 14 lows. Then make three or four careers through high water, making increases in the circle do not be closing. When the diameter reaches 3 cm, put the white line and make a high point of career, also making increases. The next race will be the basis of the beard, which must be done as follows: 04 little chains, jumping 03 basis points, 0l low. Do this by 6 times or until half of the total diameter. Fill out these links as well: * 01 low, middle 0l highlight, highlights 5, 1 half high point, low point o1 *. See details in the photo.

To make a second career beard, turn the work and make * 5 race and secure the base point of previous career *. Repeat 6 times. Fill out these links as well: * 1 low, 01 middle high point, 07 doubles highlights, 01 half-time high and 01 low * The next photo and details this step.

To make the cap, with the white line, do the number of little chains enough to cover the top of the head. In this case, I made 17 little chains. Then make 02 career highlight. Place the red line and make more 01 carr peak. Next career, make decreases to keep a high point in the needle. Tailpiece.

With the cap ready, do all the trimmings over the back and glue the ends of the wires with white glue. Fold the tip of the cap down and paste. Set a gold bead at the tip, also with glue.

Hey you! For the final details, paste mobile eyes, make a mustache and paste an account for the nose. It's up to you: make many a gift and her friends and relatives. I'm sure you will receive many compliments! To the next and Merry Christmas, ho, ho, ho!

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