terça-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2015

Tennis shoes and crochet. Beautiful, pattern follows.

Shoes and tennis drinks are a perfect choice for the little ones who estãocomeçando life. sneaker in crochet is quite comfortable for the feet of babies. As the situation is not that easy for anyone we save money because we can make shoes for babies. Will spend a few wires and a little time but in the end is well worth it because it is made with much love and affection is not? When I found on the net these models I was very inspired and looked for patterns and videos. The link below follows the pattern found on the net. The beautiful and creative él model can do in your home. I hope you enjoy and share the will. God bless you all and good crochet.

Standard video in English. Watch the video below.

Good Crochet. Kisses.

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