sábado, 5 de setembro de 2015


You will need: 1 cone Sovan LT-8 wire in color 31 (coffee brown); fabric for the lining 28 cm x 40 cm; a zipper 25 cm; leather strap with 3 cm x 70 cm for each handle; stones to sew. 

Needle used: To Crochet 3.5mm. 
Part size: 18 cm x 22 cm. 
Employees points: (corr.) (Per annum) and (m.p.).

Way of doing:
Make the bag following the chart. Then sew the handle, snapping up with an X in leather, as shown in the photo below. Sew the lining in the bag and preach the zipper machine. Finally, sew the stones forming small florets at the bottom of the bag as shown in the picture.

My friends, I hope you guys enjoy beijocas.

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