quinta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2015


Good afternoon girls. Today I share lovely handbag esssa in wonderful crochet. For those who like cheerful colors that bag in crochet will fall very well. Graphic and follow the step by step to do. I hope you enjoy. Share with other friends. Kisses, be all to God.

 • String EuroRoma 4/6 Suggested colors: 470 - Mustard, 610 - Rox0, 805 - Military Green, 903 - Royal Blue and 1070 - Watermelon • Needle 4.5mm crochet • 01 leather strap with 60 cm • jeans fabric • 5 rivets • 14 eyelets with 2 cm in diameter; • Leather and golden napa for leaves • 160cm rope • Fabric for lining. Way of doing: Follow the graphics and the color sequence. The crochet this bag was made in 3 separate parts: background, front and back and then sewn together. And this is how the graphic is displayed. If you want, you can do it in one piece. After finishing crochet, cut a denim strap with 1 m X 20 cm, fold it in half and stitch in the crochet edge. Do the liner, attach the handle with two rivets on each side and place the eyelets in the finishing strip. Make leaves the following ways: cut 2 times each mold, sew inside out with inside out and make an embroidered with string. Hold them in the bag with one rivet, pass the rope by eyelets and make 1 pendant at each end using wires 18 cm long. Ready grant will approximate size of 45cm x 50cm width height. This was another super production of Atelier Chria with graphics artisan Arlette Deola Borges, an exclusive creation for EuroRoma.

Just take a look at these details! With leather, nappa and some basting handmade piece gains a super cute detail and not to mention the fringes at the end of the cord. And you know what the best part? You will have a beautiful and environmentally friendly pouch!

I hope you enjoyed teh. I loved this beautiful model in crochet. A cheerful and very nice bag. Good week to all. Good crochet.

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