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My beautiful look that beautiful skirt crochet-Line - Chart and revenue. liked?

My good friends crochet night !! Today I want to share this beautiful skirt crochet-Line - Chart and revenue. I hope you like it. Friendly crochet, crochet share with other friends. On my blog I have the most deversos crochet models. Feel free to browse. The internet is maravihoso because we can find what we like, we will learn and help others by sharing. I love crochet and also love action, I hope you are too. since share what is good is healthy. Kisses and a good weekend. Kisses in the heart. good crochet

Following the chart and the recipe, make this beautiful A-Line skirt. A piece that is super high and it will leave its modern and elegant look. Supplies Needed: 3 skeins Charming 1289 color (yellow) Crochet needle Circle No. 2,75mm, 45 cm x 90 cm yellow fabric to paper, 180 cm with 0.5 cm for elastic waistband. Size - 36/38 Points used: Little chain (corr.). Slip stitch (p.bxmo.): Enter ag, Lace, pull the p... and go directly to p. ag .. Low point (bp): Enter the ag, Lace, pull the p... and other Lace., arrem. all p .. High point (pa):. Lace, enter the ag, Lace, pull the p... Lace., arrem., 2 p. and other Lace., arrem. all p .. Fantasy point: follow the chart. Tip: follow the chart.

Way of doing:
Front and back - together and strips are equal. Make a race. 15 p. 5 more corr. to turn around and work on p. fantasy following the chart. After the arrem graphic .. Make 10 equal strips. Joining the strips with the toe pick up a bp the nozzle in one strip and the next bp the nozzle other strip, repeating the union of all the strips when leaving the widest part of each strip to the same side. At the end close the skirt in a circle. Sewing the two edges of the lining fabric, 45 cm in the direction of leaving from one side of an aperture 12 cm (seamless) bottom liner. Making the one side of the opening 1 cm bar. Cut the elastic into three equal parts. Fold 4 cm over the back at the other edge (waistband), making a seam in bending and other 3 seams at intervals of 1 cm apart, leaving between each seam elastic.

good crochet. Kisses.

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