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Hello girls okay? My wish is that yes, of course. Today I want to share this very beautiful crocheted dress. When I found on the net was very much in love and decided to read this crochet dress. The graph are in the blog to which you can also do. I hope you understand. I wish a wonderful weekend for you and your entire family. Good crochet and comaprtilhe. kisses

Size - 38/40

• Camila Fashion Line (Nov. 500 m.): November 4. the 0000B (white) color.
• Ag. For steel crochet plated chain Milward 1.75 mm.
Abbreviations and points used: ag. - Needle; arrem. - Cast off; carr. - Career; corr. - Little chain;
p.bx. - Slip stitch; bp - Low; per annum - high point; Pico - 3 ch, 1 p.bx.. lassoing the 1st race .;
Job. - Work.
Fantasy point - follow the respective diagram.
Finish - to keep the respective diagram.
Frill 1 - follow the respective diagram.
Frill 2 - follow the relevant diagram.
Frill 3 - follow the respective diagram.
Of paper, make a template for front and back.
Pala and sleeves. - Lot 189 corr close the ring with 1 p.bx. and Job. around in pattern (Diagram 1). Every 5 carr. increase 3 arches corr. distributed regularly in carr. 3 times. A 18 cm from the beginning, to form the arches, place the part on the mold and mark 14 cm on each side.
Front - about 38 cm from the edge Work. p. fantasy by 3 cm and let waiting.
Back - about 38 cm from the edge Work. p. fantasy by 3 cm and let waiting.
Bottom - Day Job. w. fantasy on front and back. A 46 cm from the beginning, perform the increases needed to keep the mold. A 72 cm from the beginning, Job. the trim around. Arrem ..
Assembly and finishing
Job. 2 carr. the bp around the neckline.
Job. the ruffles 1, 2 and 3 roping the 5th carr. p. fantasy after 4 carr. a mail arches., always in that sequence, starting at the visor and ending at the bar.


Diagrams of FINISHING

Diagrams of ruffles


frill diagram 3

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