segunda-feira, 5 de outubro de 2015

Is not it beautiful? Crochet rug lows - Revenue. I loved it. Learn and share.

Hello girls, good night! Learn to make a crocheted beloTapete lows - Revenue! I hope you like it. Friendly crochet, crochet share with other friends. On my blog I have the most deversos crochet models. Feel free to browse. The internet is maravihoso because we can find what we like, we learn, do and help others by sharing. I love crochet and also share love, hope you do too. since share what is good is healthy. Kisses and a good weekend. Kisses in the heart. good crochet

Supplies Needed:
1 skein of each color 400g Wire Baroque n. 9563, 9059 and 9392;
Needle Crochet Circle 3.5;
How to do:
Make 60 little chains, one race to go up and 1bp in each race
1bp in each race taking in ringlet back pb
Interim 2 rows green
5 Purple careers
2 rows of green
5 Orange careers (total 7carr purple, orange and 14carr 6carr Green)
1bp around the entire pad
In pb do 5corr, skip 2bp base next 1PA, 3corr skip 2bp base 1PA (around around the mat) only in the corner just skip 1bp, do 3 rounds
these 3 rows do with the green 4PA the second race in the basic pa and base bp do carr 1 green, 1 orange and 1 purple

Assembling the piece
with the green wire in 2 little chains make 2PA 2corr 2PA 1bp among the base 4PA
1bp last row in each basic pa and 3PB in 2correntinhas

good crochet. kisses.

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