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Different points Crochet with step by step graphic: For those who love crochet. see.

Hello crochet girls okay? Today I want to share points Different Crochet with step by step graphic: Photos Crochet point. Beautiful crochet different points step by step - different crochet points to graph. These different crochet-points are for those who like to make manual and crochet work, and are always looking for innovations in the art of crochet, you'll love. Split for you here on the blog These and other modeos in crochet and some of the finer points of different internet crochet, crochet points of embossed flowers, all with graphics and step by step. Check, learn, enjoy these beautiful different crochet stitches and make wonderful pieces to wear, sell or gift. So feel free and see the different points crochet below and properly follow the step by step instructions and chart. Different points of crochet

Point range lace
Let's see step by step recipe above this point, for those who have difficulty understanding gráficos.Este point looks a fan, let's call it point lace fan.

Point of the sample - Take 37 little chains

1st career - climbs a little chain and make 1 sc in 2nd ch. 5 ch, 1 dc, skip 3 ch and repeat until the end of his career.

2nd career - up 6 ch, 1 sc in the 5th race strap, 8 tr, 1 dc in loop, 5 ch, 1 dc in next loop, 8 tr, repeat until the end of row 1 dc double in last sc.

3rd carr - up 1 ch, 1 dc on the double tr, 1 tr on the first pa previous career, 3 corr uniting them in the 1st race with 1 slip stitch, 1 dc, 3 ch, repeats until the end of his career, 1 dc on 3rd corr.

4th carr - up 9 race, jumps 2 loop, 1 dc on third loop, ch 5, skip 1 loop, 1 dc in next loop, ch 5, 1 dc double on bp repeats until the end.

5th carr - up 6 ch, 1 dc in next ch 5 loop repeats until the end, 2 ch, 1 dc double on the 6th race.

6th carr - up 3 ch, 4 dc in next ch, 1 dc in loop, 5 ch, 1 dc in next loop, 8 tr in next loop and repeat the 2nd career.

You know a bit about the history of crochet? Let's take a look.
The crochet is a traditional technique of producing objects for decoration or que parts are used in day-to-day the bath towels, table, face, mats, tea towels, bags and clothes. Art is his inspiration and creativity. Crochet is derived from the French word 'croc' meaning 'hook'. Did you know?
There are several ways to produce and use crochet Them. Can be the garnish or useful objects, is really wonderful, inexpensive and very easy to the; Many people in the world today produce crochet at home and in trade fairs and craft shops for the sustenance Their families.
And best of all, start with a very small investment, almost nothing. With only a specific needle to crochet a ball of string, scissors and a lighter and a lot of inspiration you can start production. This tasty, healthy and profitable art is composed of points, presented below, Which are made with a needle and thread or yarn. Be as you wish.
The scissors and lighter are used in finishing, not to shred and your work be intact.
See crochet points below:
• very low point;
• Point little chain;
• Double Point or double high point;
• Three or high triple point.
I hope you have tanned. I wish all the girls who love good crochet inspiration in the works. Good crochet.

good crochet. kisses.

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