quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2015

 Centrinho Oval Florido in crochet. The following graph

Girls Hi, good afternoon! today I want to show you a Centrinho Oval Florido in crochet. Can be feitoum carpet also use string line 6 or 8. see the graph. It is an inspiring ?. I hope you like it. Friendly crochet, crochet share with other friends. On my blog I have the most deversos crochet models. Feel free to browse. The internet is wonderful because we can find what we like, we learn, do and help others by sharing. I love crochet and also share love, hope you do too. since share what is good is healthy. Kisses and a good weekend. Kisses in the heart. good crochet

Centrinho Oval Flowery crochet, can be done with thread, string 6 or 8 to make a carpet, see graphs below

good crochet. kisses.

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