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Harden Crochet - Revenue HOMEMADE.
2 tbsp (tablespoons) cornstarch
US 1 cup (200 ml) of water
4 tablespoons (soup) white glue (blue label for handicrafts)
2 tablespoons (water)
1 tablespoon (soup) alcohol (liquid)

Preparation of Resin crochet Hardening.

Mix the starch with the cup of cold water stir well, light the fire stirring constantly, until cooked (should be a thick cream).

Remove from heat and let cool well.

In another bowl, mix the glue, the 2 tablespoons of water and alcohol (all cold) mecha well to form a uniform cream.

Then add the 2 mixtures and grind. It is ready to hardening resin from crochet.


You can store in the refrigerator.
Harden also other materials such as fabric and paper.


How to apply the resin in the finished part or the wire for jobs like those you involves a ball of filling.

When you are working a ready piece of crochet or just wire string dip the finished part in the resin, or for the work of winding the thread on the ball, pass the wire in resin and moisten well with resin (rub the part or Wire same string as washing, so that the resin penetrates the tissue fiber, bargante, crochet work, etc.), the secret is that the piece moisten well, then dry thoroughly.

Dry in the sun or outdoors.
If dry the item in the microwave, it has to be at most 80 SECONDS, and go looking every 20 seconds, it depends on the size of the piece, if you stay too long can burn.

Apply in cotton garments, dry the piece in the microwave, place short periods of time, remove and microwave again and repeat until dry (it's faster) other materials I do not advise. Dry in the sun or outdoors.

Always dry into a mold that has been wrapped in plastic bag.

IF YOU WANT A PIECE varnish (unless they change color), you can use the general varnish, that transparent. It looks great. Using the general varnish after the dry parts, look better

CAN WASH PART when hardened?

to wash you can pass quickly under the tap without rubbing (only to remove dust)

This hardener is to satin ribbon?
For Satin is not cool, slick satin fabric. Yes and hardens enough, but is marked.


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