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Booties crochet in pink puppy model carries pompoms. one cuteness.

Hi girls, good night! today I want to show this The pink bootie in crochet with Graphical baby carries the pompoms to turn a puppy and the recipe is from coats current site, created by the artisan Vilma Maurer, who is to be congratulated for working so beautiful .. I hope you like it addition. Friendly crochet, crochet share with other friends. On my blog I have the most deversos crochet models. Feel free to browse. The internet is maravihoso because we can find what we like, we learn, do and help others by sharing. I love crochet and also share love, hope you do too. since share what is good is healthy. Kisses and a good weekend. Kisses in the heart. good crochet

Creation and execution: Vilma Maurer
Size - 24
Abbreviations and points used:
• ag. - Needle; arrem. - Cast off; carr. - Career; corr. - Little chain; November - Ball; P. - Point; per annum - point
high; per annum ahead - make per annum involving p. Wren. Previous from front to back; per annum behind - make per annum
involving p. Wren. Previous backwards; bp - Low; p.bx. - Slip stitch; Job. - Work.
• Point bar 1/1 - Day Job. alternating 1 tr ahead with 1 tr behind, following p. in all carr ..
• pompom - cut paper card 2 circles of 4 cm in diameter each. Cut a circle of 1.5 cm
diameter at the center of each. Join the two circles and wrap all the way around them with wire Swan Super Baby
well together, giving 50 laps. Insert a sharp scissors between the two circles and cut the cable without removing the rings
card. Spread the rings a little. With a long wire, tie together the threads between the two cards, tight.
Take the cards and hold the pom-poms in the play. If necessary, trim the wires slightly leaving the pompom well

• The sole is composed of two parts: the lower part of the sole and the insole. Separate the two parts. Go around all the way around
insole with b.p. made on the insole: start with the inner side of the heel and distribute evenly 88 bp
all around. In the end, close circle with 1 p.bx. and continue carr. circular. Job. 1 carr. and then a.i.
run p. 1/1 bar. The 10 carr. from the start, just keep working 46 p. the heel part in carr.
circular, for another 8 carr. and arrem. watching the p ..
Assembly and finishing
• Sew 8 p. high instep, with dots invisible hand. Spend a wire at the top of p. the remaining
tip and tighten, closing the tip. Make 3 pompoms. Nail a tip forming the nose and on either side of the
barrel for the ears. Nail two little buttons in front of the barrel, forming the eyes. Finally, close the soles: pass
a thin adhesive layer on top of the bottom sole and the insole underneath. Allow to dry for 1-2 minutes
snap the two in one another: start slowly and follow the tip to the heel, very carefully so that
They fit perfectly. Warning: be sure to read the operating instructions of the glue on the package. Let it dry well.
Make another shoe like this.

good crochet. kisses.

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