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point used 

Little chain (corr.). Low point (bp): Enter the ag, Lace, pull the p... and other Lace., rem. all p .. Peruvian Point # 1: 1st carr .: * enter the ag. crochet in bp Wren. Previous, make 1 dc, pull the thread and stretch the p., put p. elongated in ag. knitting *, repeat from * * each b.p. Wren. Previous to the end. 2nd carr .: * release 3 p. elongated ag. knitting and make a carr. as follows: twist the 3 handles (pass = 3 right wires ahead of the 3 wires from the left), make 3 sc between the loops *, repeat from * to * to end all handles (see illustration on the chart). Tip: follow the chart.

 Sample - A 10 cm square at p. Peruvian = 34 p. x 16 carr. 

 execution: Front - Start shoulders. Make a race. 102 p. 1 more corr. to turn around and work on p. Peruvian. The 8 cm starting work for neck, let waiting. Make another equal share. Being the two parties at the same time, to decorate make a race. 51 p. between the two parties and work in all p. w. Peruvian. A 25 cm from the beginning of the work to make sure each side every 2 carr .: 3 p. (18 v.). A 53 cm from the beginning of the work rem .. 

 Back - Work as the front however do the neckline with 4 cm of the early work.    

assembly Sew the shoulders. Make all round neckline and all around the blouse the nozzle following the chart. 

Sew sides, following the steps of the mold.   

Size - 38/40

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