quarta-feira, 29 de julho de 2015


Point used 

little chain (corr.). Slip stitch (p.bxmo.): Enter the ag, Lace, pull the p... and proceed directly to p. ag .. low point (bp): Enter the ag, Lace, pull the p... and other Lace., rem. all p .. High point (pa):. Lace, enter the ag, Lace, pull the p... Lace., rem., 2 p. and other Lace., rem. all p. Meeting point: follow the chart. Tip: follow the chart. Point arcs: follow the chart. 


front, back and sleeves - are worked together. Cut the wire sieve in the following sizes: 2 strips of 104 cm, 4 strips of 92 cm, 46 cm 2 strips, 2 strips 42 cm and 4 strips of 40 cm. Make the union of the strips with Lily wire following the chart p. Union in the following order: 2 cm strips with a sleeve 40, two strips of 92 cm to the side front and a back, two strips of 46 cm for the back, two strips 42 cm forward, 92 cm strips 2 strips across the front and back strips 2 and 40 cm for the other sleeve. After the union of strips, close the sides and sleeves with p. union following the chart and let waiting. With the sieve wire make the union of the two strips with 104 cm with p. union following the chart and close circle. Sew the ends of the wire sieve with p. invisible.

With the two strips together in a circle and make the union in the play waiting. Being all together strips, make every round neckline 2 carr. w. arches and carr. in bp. Make all around the wrists and blouse from the bottom edge nozzle following the chart. 

Size - 48 

Artisan: Vilma Mauer

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