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Size: (approximate measurements)
American towel 44 × 32 cm
Napkin ring or holder Latinha 22 × 8 cm
Coaster 14 × 16 cm
Copper-cake popper and 23 cm in diameter.
Abbreviations and points used
g. - Needle;
arrem. - Tailpiece;
carr. - Career;
corr. - Little chain;
range - in the same p. 2 Do p.a.f.j. 1 corr., 2 p.a.f.j.,
1 corr., 2 p.a.f.j .;
November - Ball;
P. - Point;
per annum - high point;
p.a.al. - Elongated highlight made on p. shown in
diagram, involving corr. below;
bp - Low;
p.bx. - Slip stitch;
Job. - Work;
2 p.a.f.j. - 2 highlights closed together;
2 p.a.m.p. - 2 highlights made on the same p.
Start with the cover: with the green wire lot 8 race,.
close circle with 1 p.bx. and accompanying its
diagram carr. Circular and side table with
number of points, alternating 2 carr. green
2 carr. yellow. Trab. the last carr. of bp in
Tip: Work. more or less p. and carr. according to the cover
Your Petisqueira.
Body: it runs across: lot 13
corr. (= About 10 cm;. Adapt the extent of the
Your Petisqueira) and Job. at p. fantasy. The 82 carr. (Or
As its Petisqueira), arrem ..
Assembly and finishing: join the two ends
body and close with invisible dots by hand.
Snap the cover and also secure with the dots
hand. With green, arrem. the bottom edge of Petisqueira
with the finishing nozzles. Apply Hardens
and mold formed on the cover. Snap the cover
plastic inside the crochet.
American Towel: with the green line, lot 73 corr.
loosely and Work. at p. Fancy watching
the diagram (12 repetitions in total) for 40 carr ..
At the end, climb 1 race. (In yellow) and Job. all around
part with 1 carr. of bp yellow and, following,
Job. 1 carr. and finishing nozzles green.
Coaster: Work. similarly to the American towel,
riding 25 corr. loosely Job. 16 carr. on
P. fantasy, 1 carr. of bp yellow all around and
arrem. with the finishing nozzles green.
Napkin ring: follow the body diagram to
24 carr. the beginning; go around with 1 carr. of bp in
yellow and 1 carr. and finishing nozzles green.
Nail the button.

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