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Make flowers in crochet. Step by step

How are girls! I love crochet !! Learn to sew beautiful flowers in crochet simply and quickly.

You can use for various purposes, for example:
  make applications in tissue, in carpets, tablecloths, tiaras and more. I hope you enjoy and have fun. Friendly crochet, crochet to share with other friends. On my blog I have the greatest Several crochet models. Feel free to browse. The internet is wonderful because we can find what we like, we will learn and help others by sharing. I love crochet and also love action, I hope you are too. Since the part that is good is healthy. Kisses and good weekend. Kisses in heart.good crochet. crochet free projects that I fell in love. What do you think could improve the friend? kisses

Let's practice.

You will need:
• Line for crocheting in colors of your choice
• Needle Crochet

  Starting work to create your Croche Flowers:

Step 1

Make a necklace with 72 points

step 2

Now make 4 little chains and one high point, plus 3 little chains and a high point (at the same point the previous P.A).

Make this sequence to the end.

step 3

To do this step two high points, two little chains 2 more highlights, skip two points and make the same sequence of two high points, two little chains and two high points, as the image below.

Repeat this process until the end.

step 4

Now make a sequence of high 8 points, 1 point very low and more high 8 points, do that way to complete the row.

To finish

Now is the time to form the flower, for it will do the following:
1. Make a small "roll" and tip the gift (can be with a pin).

2. Continue winding spiral until the flower is formed at this stage is a matter of way, make it easy that soon you take practice.

3. Upon completion of the flower, with its own thread and a needle a little thicker, sew the core to ensure that the work does not come loose and also give some points where you see fit.

4. You can also decorate with beads, rhinestones, pearls and all that your imagination suggests.

Okay, this is how you can make Croche flowers.

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