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Beautiful tablecloth in pattern with crochet

Hello crochet girls okay? See this towel lilac table in crochet, made with great joy. I thought it would never end. Ma was worth it because it was so beautiful this towel with crocheted flowers. The table supper will be wonderful, is not it? Hope you like. This towel is beautiful, great for decorating the kitchen table or dining room. For some time I was looking for a crochet towel model to do and found this wonderful model and decided to post these models for you. I hope you enjoy and that send me affection. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, with much peace, joy and health. See more models of towels and other models. Feel free to browse and share our messages. Good crochet.

Material:1 skein in colors: yellow (9368), Green (9392), lilac (9587) pink (9427), purple (9563) and cream (8176)3 skeins of yarn in the mixed raw color (9900)Needle # 3

ExecutionYellow: within the magic circle will do 24PA.

Cream: on the basis of P.A do 2PA together next 2PA together 3corr jump 2PA base (6 times)
Flowers (Pink, lilac and purple): the 2PA that we skip the yellow in the second pa will do 1bp 2corr 1bp over the first pa 2corr 2PA on the second pa, 1pico (3corr 1bp the first little chain) 2PA third pa, 2corr 1bp in the fourth pa 2corr 1bp yellow pa other dc in next and starts again

Green: in 3corr 3PA 2corr 3PA, 3corr ...

Raw mixed: in 3corr and the range of 2corr do 3PA 2corr 3PA ...
in 2corr the range 3PA 2corr 3PA 1corr the next 2corr, 3PA 3corr 3PA, once 2corr another 3corr These 3corr are the ends around the path in 2corr and the 3corr we will 2PA 2corr 2PA, 2PA getting ahead of base pa, skip the third pa and do the next, the amendment will make 2PA getting ahead, next 2PA getting ahead

Lilac - finish
among the fans 1bp 3corr 1bp 3corr 1bp 1PA in the middle of the range 2corr 3corr 1bp in pa (to 5 times)

Good Crochet

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