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Blouses in crocheting and knitting with pattern

Hello!!! Look for these charms sweaters crochet free elegant with these details on the sleeves ... and the point is very beautiful !!!!. Very easy to do, follow the chart. Hope you like. On my blog I have most of the various crochet models. Feel free to browse. The internet is wonderful because we can find what we like, we can learn, do and help others by sharing. I love crochet and also share the love, hope you do too. Since the part that is good is healthy. Kisses and good weekend. Kisses in the heart. good crochet

size 38/40

· 6 skeins of wool in Pinguin Sublime blancmange color (1710) ?? ball with 100g
· 1 metal bolt belt
· 1 pair of knitting needles No. 6
· Upholstery sewing needle
· Crochet hook n ° 3
· Circular Needle No. 6

Back and forward

Mount 120 points on needle No. 6 and work in Point Knitting, every 5 rows cast off 1 point each side. The 20 cm long to passersby for the belt as follows: work 20 points, cast off 3 points, work 52 points, cast off 3 points, work the remaining 20 points; and continues to decrease 1 point every 5 rows. On next round replace the needle 3 points (2) finished off the top career. Keep working until completing 42 cm and finish.


Mount 50 points on needle No. 6 and knit Point Fantasy by 96 cm and cast off.


Lot 8 points in needle No. 6 and knit in knitting point by 1 m and tailpiece.

Sew the bolt at one end of the belt. Close the sleeves sewing with needle tapestry Part A Part B following the diagram 1. Sew following the diagram 2 parts 1 in 2 in the front and back leaving a piece of the sleeve without sewing to form the neckline.

Square Neckline: With crochet hook, pick up points throughout the neck extension on the circular needle. With the needle circular No. 6, knit in Point Bar 2/2, making every corner of the neckline a double kill (take 1 point without making a half, knit 2 points j. In m.). Tailpiece to 4 cm in length. Pass the belt by passers formed on top and close the front.

employees points
Fantasy point:
6 multiple of p. + 2 p. 1st row: 1m * Lace, 2m, 2 p.... j. in m. *, rep. From * to * and term. Carr. 2 P.J. in m., 3m .;
2 ° carr. and all pairs: Work. T .;
3 ° carr .: 3 m., 2 P.J. in m. 2 m., Lac., * 2 P.J. in m., Lace. *, rep. From * to * and term. Carr. with Lace., 1 m .;
5 ° carr .: return to 1st carr.

Point Bar 2/2:
1 ° carr .: * 2 m, 2 * t..;
2 ° carr .: 2 t * 2 m *..;
3rd carr .: return to 1st carr.

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