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Learn to make crochet fabric tablecloths

Let's learn how to do the crochet following a pattern, tutorial and graphics to help us. Is great for beginners. Doing crochet is an activity that besides being very enjoyable, helps relieve stress. There's a lot of people who spend hours doing crochet and some people like to learn new things. Doing crochet is very satisfying to give away and even to sell if you want. It may be a good option for your well-being. There are a lot of people you admire this type of craft, and like to buy news. So, let's learn how to do the crochet table, perfect in the details of the work, for surely you have many friends or even people who want to buy everything you do. Good job. Have pleasure and joy of doing a beautiful crochet towel following the explanation below. Good crochet.

Flower explanation video

• 01  Colori 200g 4/4 of each color:
1080C - Cherry
804C - Green Moss
450C - Gold
• 01610m 4/4 in color Raw
• Needle Crochet 3mm
Size: 70x70cm
See below:
Coloring further your day, we present this wonderful recipe Crochet Flower Secret Centerpiece.
Start making the center part with raw, as the chart. Make 04 flowers with Colori with petals in color and the cherry crumb in gold color, following the graphic sequence. Make 24 sheets Colori in moss green. Finally, complete the assembly of the parts as shown in the picture, the 04 sides must be equal.

By opting for the string 4, you get a lighter, delicate and less relief piece, noted difference mainly in crochet flowers.
good crochet

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