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Lovely shawl model, bolero, crochet scarf with pattern

This beautiful model in free crochet can be used as a jacket, vest, shawl or bolero.
Following the steps we explained you get as I prepare this wonderful model in crochet. I hope qeu like because I loved and am sharing my friends like crochet.

Dimensions approximately 128 x 60 cm

Stuff you need to see below:

Yarn (55% wool, 35% polyacrylate, 10% alpaca, 62 H / 100 g) 550 g of sulfur; № needles 5, 6 and 7; 8 buttons.

Alternatively, one forward, one wrong.
Standard "raspberry"
The number of loops times edge 4 + 2.
1 + 3 rows: purl.
2nd row: 1 bead from the next loop vyvyazat 3 loops (front, purl, front), 3 laps pURL united, constantly repeat from * to end a border.
4th row: 1 bead, 3 laps pURL united, from the next cycle vyvyazat 3 loops (front, purl, front), between * Repeat to end a border.
1-4 th ranks are constantly repeated.

The knitting density
16 n. X 15 p. = 10 x 10 associated standard "raspberry"

provision of work

Italian set of loops on the number rays to dial 48 loops 5 = 95 n. 4 by the series. Then go to the №6 rays and band mesh.

After 2 cm from the initial set of rubber bands to continue the standard work "raspberry", while in the 1st row subtract 1 pt. N = 94.

Then, after 5 cm from the initial number on the left side, at a distance of 3 cm for the end of the series run a hole for the buttons (close 2 sts wireless working, dial once the cycle again 2). Run 3 more holes, one above the other with 10 cm intervals.

Through 93 cm from the right end of the bore to execute a button at a distance of 3 cm from the beginning of the series. Another run three holes, one above the other with an interval of 10 cm.

After 126 cm from the first series, from a purl line then not elastic, while in the first row addition to the type 1 cycle n = 95.

After 128 cm from the initial number of closed circuit of Italian fashion.
Found in the journal «Verena. knitting fashionable "

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