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wonderful shirt for your baby knit or crochet with padrtão

I'm thrilled. Today I have a beautiful free crochet jacket design for babies, girls and beautiful and very comfortable menininos. Muto easy to do. They are not beautiful? I hope you enjoy it very well as I liked. Follows the pattern and graphics for the free production of this model.
The colors are free, you choose. It's a real charm to impose woman. I hope you liked it. If you liked will share our messages. As the Internet is wonderful for those who know how to use. we can not find beautiful crochet and can share. Stay with God and good crochet. Will share everything as this blog

For the project to knit or crochet you will need:

Purpura 800 g (50% wool, 50% acrylic 228m / 100g) - to set;
A3 is №4,5 needles;
set of needles №3 half;
5 buttons.
Crochet Patterns:

Eraser: alternately 1lits, 1izn ..
The front surface of: lits.r. - Lits.p., izn.r. - Izn.p ;. in lines mesh circular single lits.p.
Polupatentnaya Gum: 1st p :. 1krom * 1izn, 1P ... remove with nakida, repeat from *, 1izn., 1krom. 2 p: ... 1krom * 1lits, removed the previous line loop united nakida PHI 1lits, 1 chrome ... Repeat 1st and 2nd p.
The embossed pattern 1: knit skheme1, which are only lits.r. in izn.r. standard mesh loop. Run once with the 1st to the 22th p., Then repeat with the third to 22p.
The pattern embossed 2: knit as relief pattern 1, but skheme2. Run once with 1 to 16 p., Then repeat with the 9 to 16p.
The relief pattern 3: knit as relief pattern 1, but skheme3. Run once with the 1st to the 10th p., Then repeat with the third to 10p.
The knitting density.

Polupatentnaya reznka rays №3,5, double thread: 21p. and 28R .. = 10x10 cm.



The spokes №4,5 double filament type 58p. and 12p associated. elastic, adding uniformly in the last line 20p. Then distribute the loop as follows: 1krom, 20p .. polupatentnoy gum, 36p. relief pattern 1, 20p. 1krom polupatentnoy gum. Through 64R. from the gum to close for armholes on either side of 6s. The 38P. since the remaining 46p armhole. close.

left shelf

The spokes №4,5 double filament type 36p. and 12p associated. elastic, adding uniformly in the last row of 6s. Then distribute the loop as follows: 1krom, 14P .. polupatentnoy gum, 22n. standard relief 2, 4p. 1krom polupatentnoy gum. Run armhole on the right side as the back. The 18P. from the beginning of the groove close to the neck 7n left. and each m-2 p. 1h3p., 2h2p. and 2h1p. At the time of abutment 20p. close.

right shelf

Knit symmetrically.


Run the shoulder seams; each cava in double thread spokes dial №4,5 60P. polupatentnoy and elastic mesh, closed sleeves for bevels on both sides in each district 5. 14h1p. Through 78R. since the beginning of the sleeves to tie 10p. elastic and close the loop.


 Strap on spokes Å3 61P type., 7P Associates. lits.gladyu and 1p. to double the following:.. 1krom * 1nakid 3n .. mesh together people 1nakid, 1lits, repeat from *, 1nakid 3n mesh. together persons., 1nakid, 1krom. Then tie 7P. lits.gladyu and another 2p. auxiliary segment. Steam the site associated auxiliary segment, with the next adjacent thread-related work. Planck adherence to the neckline at the front, dissolve the auxiliary thread and prikettlevat handle for neck. support folded along the fold on the wrong side and sew. For brackets with shelves in the display segment rays №4.5 double by 61P., Associate 8p. rubber band while the right shelf through 3p. from the beginning of the strips uniformly perform 5 holes for the buttons (2n knit. 1nakid together), and close the cycle. Sew on buttons. 

 I hope qeu enjoyed the project. Share the desire whatever they like on the blog. Good crochet.

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  1. Gracias por compartir tan hermoso trabajo

  2. Hermoso trabajo lástima que no se puede leer, falta la traducción, gracias