domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2016

Set crochet baby with lovely pattern

This little sweater set in crochet is the perfect gift for the homecoming that the new precious baby. This free white sweater and boots will go with just about anything you put on that a bit. The beautiful crochet shields give this look a very light look and free classic. This designes is so easy on and off with a bow ribbon. The boots match the sweater with the shell crochet and ribbon accent.
Was made of white color, all acrylic segment and fingering pink ribbon, this small sweater is so soft against the skin of a baby.
Is not it beautiful and cuddly? I hope you enjoyed teh. Feel free to share all the models you want in our blog. A kiss in the heart and be with God.

Crochet free patterns: baby step.

Babies look like anyone any type of clothing, but especially those that are homemade. Make free crochet in clothes for baby yet timeless home and usually they are the recipients of most of the clothes that weave adults. Scarves, blouses, jackets ... it seems that everything is better if you weave in size "mini". If you want to start in the art of knitting crochet clothes for your baby, here are the steps needed to make a sweater easy and simple way to crochet for the smallest or smallest of the house is beautiful with it.

Crochet or crochet is a technique that has appreciated in recent times and there are fewer grandmothers who knit for her grandchildren and mothers who have joined this practice.
baby clothes that you start with the hook is usually one of the main incentives for beginners in the art. Here are the steps to create a shirt from the basics of crochet.
The first thing to do is make good jersey child will measures.
Once armed with needle and thread should start making the required number of points to the back of his shirt and make the number of lines needed to cover the rear.
the front thread starting points.

Do the same as the front.
From the center of the front piece, knit crochet half of the neck measurement. Repeat the back. Are you making the hole in the neck.
Shirt, you must chain the number of points required to cover the circumference of the circle you want sleeve and in each row, go adding a point. Continue until you reach the desired length, but only increases points until you have 10% more than when they started.
Sewing front to back along the shoulder seam.
Sewn on the back and front of the sleeves of clothing.
Sew sleeve and side Body Jersey.
You've got your sweater. If you want to be more original sin that point it simple, playing with colors and accessories like ties, ornaments ..

I hope you enjoy the free crochet project. God bless.

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