segunda-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2016

Beautiful curtain design in crochet with standard

My friends free crochet ... okay, now we have one more curtain project ready free crochet, and this was for the room. I hope you like and enjoy, because I am leaving the chart below the photos to anyone who wants to be doing, and any questions I am available. If you liked the project can share the blog will. The internet has been a blessing to be able to share work is not it? Well, for today only, and until the next post. Stay crom God and good crochet. Follows the graph below.

Another project ready, I've done some curtains of this and in different sizes, it is wonderful, you may be putting wooden rings, plastic, or also make the draw of the string itself, as I have done this curtain, the request for my client.
          Anyone who wants to be running it, I'll be leaving the curtain graphic and revenue below the photos, noting that because of the size of my client room window, the curtain went to a different extent graphic, I had to make some changes, but who have some difficulty, I would be happy to take any questions, leave your questions in the comments of the post and not the contact form, ok?
            Well, I hope you enjoyed and see you next posting.

Good Crochet

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