terça-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2016

Crochet baby animals and aviation. beautiful

Babies are born, grow up and become adults, and this is the cycle of life. And suddenly comes another to get them, get married, start a family has filhoso and so forth, but nevertheless, morality as the use of crochet never end that is passed from generation to generation not éesmo? And the free crochet is still very successful in all generations, right?
Today I want to share this crochet caps for babies for this New Year, I love these models. They were made for her granddaughter, niece and there (laughs).
The crochet comes from a long time, and always aimed to beautify, giving a special touch to the look. Today, the free crochet fell in the fashion world, and even the babies escape this trend very well accepted in all cultures. Crochet is free throughout society, are new, children, adolescents, finally, crochet touches everyone.
The crochet is already a differentiated fashion with pieces like jackets, dresses, pants, sweaters, socks, caps, scarves and shawls, everything can be made from this art.
And today there are many types of wire, and you can choose to see what should bring parts ..
Although a lot of art to be lacking with the new generations, there are still many people who do this type of craft. And you can count on some people still do this type of work there in your city. I hope you enjoy these beautiful models in free crochet. If you would like to share with all who want and freedom.
Let your baby wearing beautiful pieces of mesh more beautiful and comfortable baby, after all they deserve to be always lovely and beautiful. Merry Christmas everyone with good health peace and joy. God bless.

Good Crochet. Kisses.

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