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See the step by step this piece of clothing for children For those who enjoy crafts and sewing will love to know how to make a coat for baby. This tip is simple and can protect children from the cold with much more style, if you want to change the colors to create other models.


100 g wire in white
3 lined buttons
1 m 1 satin ribbon in purple color
1 of 2 mm crochet hook
Points needed:

P.A .: highlight
p.b .: low
P. fantasy: follow the chart
P. raised bar 1 x 1: 1 tr in front and 1 tr behind and in the next round, reverse the sequence
Step by step:

Make 78 corr. plus 3 corr., to turn in the race. Next, 11 p.a., p.a. 1, 2 corr. and 1 P.A .. Front: 14 per annum, per annum 1, 2 corr. and 1 P.A .. Manga 22 per annum, per annum 1, 2 corr. and 1 P.A .. Back: 14 per annum, per annum 1, 2 corr. and 1 tr Manga:. 11 tr, 1 tr and 2 ch .. Front: Work. in this way, making

aum. upon aum., doing more 2 corr., 2 dc, 2 corr. and 2 per annum, repeat for 10 carr. these aum ..

Make 1 carr. a.i., Job. per annum in the next carr., make 1 carr. Pass tape. Job. the body of the jacket at p. fantasy, following the chart for 17 cm and arrem. wire. Job. Mango on circular by 13 cm, do 3 cm in bar 1 x 1 and p. relief. Make the other sleeve the same. Finish: make a carr. p. Down the sides, past the satin ribbon by-pass ribbons and sew on buttons, buttoning between points.

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