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beautiful crochet blouse with standard in

Blouse crochet / knitting with beautiful hooded beautiful and wonderful free projects. They may be included. It's so cool - to see your baby in elegant clothes, with their hands tied. Give the child a warm and caring is so cool! Here, no store bought clothes not go to any comparison with the fact that we can make your own crumbs.
Good luck to you in your knitting and crochet, my dear seamstress! Let your children be the most beautiful! I hope you liked the project in crochet. The internet is a wonder why, when used for good can find wonderful things like a good crochet. A kiss in the heart of each and share the desire whatever you like. See the following project:

Beautiful baby sweaters knit / crochet free are for babies 6 months. sizes up to 1 year of age are shown with exchange pattern with the graphic description processing shown separately colored yarn.

Six numbers are treated with a hook. size dimensions; 6 months (8 months 10 months and 1 year old).

Blouse knit / crochet knitted baby with buttoned hood construction, 43 (47, 49, 53) of the chain are discarded. Ranked in the top ten five years from processed technical sweater baby Robaina herringbone is applied. Each chain is made with 43 increase started sweater chain, cutting arm yourself with the section of sixty expanded işlenilerek chain.

The processing Ropa opens three points. crochet processing sequence baby hooded sweater; Mesh using scroll techniques with the striped pattern of colored yarn is passed. Construction are shown in the pictures. For the arms, (26 (26, 32, 32) are processed through the chain of removal. For hood knitting, 42 (46, 48, 52) will start to discard jail and 50 (54, 56, 60) is achieved by increasing the number of chains and over. Hood and ropa in the form of processed fish back. arm and body, nonstandard, large basket weave technique is used. Girls is not wonderful that crochet? If fun and share the will this beautiful project.


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