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Christmas decorations in crochet. Create your own. I loved it.

In today's post we will see two different things, the first is decorated with crochet. We hope you enjoy. A great tip for decorating your room - fill ball blow to a certain point as the image after this dip line crochet or colorful string inside a glue to dry and become transparent now pass around the ball and then desencha and throw the ball, the result is super cool. Share with lberdade decorations on Christmas crochet and others. Merry Christmas and stay with God. good crocheted

You know a little about the history of crochet? Let's take a look. The crochet is a traditional technique for objects, design and production of furniture designs or parts that are used in towels from the day-to-day bath, table, face, mats, tea towels, bags and clothes. The art of crochet and designs is their inspiration and creativity in free projects. Crochet is derived from the French word "croc", meaning "hook". Did you know? There are several ways to produce and use crochet. Maybe it's the garnish or objects and useful designs, is really wonderful, inexpensive and very easy to do; Many people in the world today produce projects, free crochet designs at home and at fairs and craft SHOPS to support their families. And best of all, start with a very small investment, almost nothing. With only a specific needle, crochet projects in a ball of string, scissors and a lighter and a lot of inspiration and projects with good designs you can start production. This art tasty, healthy, free, cost effective and is composed of points, presented below, which are made with a needle and thread or yarn. Be as you wish. Be free to create your pojetos. The scissors and lighter are used in finishing, not to tear your work and be intact. View mesh points below:

• Very low;
 • Point little chain;
 • Double Point or double high point;
 • Three or high triple point.

I hope you have tanned. I wish all the girls who like to do good crochet inspiration in the works. Good crochet. good crochet. kisses. free crochet projects

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